Who Uses A Pipetruck™?  

Anyone who installs poly pipe and or pex products....

Rolls that have a minimum inside diameter of 20" to approx 50" maximum will fit on the Pipetruck™. The coil must be no bigger than 12x12 inches where the tape wraps the roll, so it can fit in the roller areas,  however after tape is removed coils collapse and larger sizes may fit.

Other sized machines will be available in the near future for larger and smaller applications.

If you are a....

Gas Pipe Installer- LP or Natural Gas
• Irrigation System Installer
• Well Pump Installer
• Water Service Pipe Installer
• Cable Service Installer
• Plumber Installing Pex
• Plumber Installing Radiant Heat Pipe
• Swimming Pool Installer

or any coiled plastic pipe user we didn't think of........

The Pipetruck™ will carry and uncoil pipe & wire for you, and make your life so easy!!!!

So what are you waiting for? For more information, please call (888) 822-8119 or contact us.




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