The first lightweight, fully adjustable poly pipe uncoiler / polyethylene pipe dispenser / pex pipe uncoiler!  

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"This thing works great! Within two years, every pump installer will have one on their truck."
— John Lemme, Lorenson Well Drilling

"If you install pipe for a living and you're not using one of these, you're an idiot."
—irrigation contractor



The Pipetruck™ is light, compact, and can carry pipe and wire on the job site with the convenience of a hand truck. It can dispense / uncoil all size rolls — from as small as 20” in diameter up to 50” in diameter. That’s pex tubing as small as 1/2” all the way up to 2” poly water service pipe!

Pipetruck™ is unlike other pipe uncoilers, poly pipe reels and poly pipe carousels because it is designed from the ground up to accomodate a large variety of pipe coils and pex products. And for well installers, irrigation contractors, gas pipe installers — any contractors who install pipe and wire at the same time (such as gas tracer line, pump wire for wells, and irrigation control wire) — the Pipetruck™ comes with a fully adjustable spool holder that dispenses wire at the same time as it uncoils pipe. It allows a contractor to feed poly pipe while working alone, saving money and labor.

In addition, Pipetruck™ is designed to keep poly pipe off the ground as it uncoils which:

  • Reduces contamination risk to the pipe in wells
  • Reduces the chance of scratches and cuts to poly gas pipe and other sensitive pipe installations (e.g. water service pipe, geothermal pipe, etc.)
  • Reduces the frustration that comes when dealing with coiled pipe

Many contractors stretch out 300-foot lengths of pipe in the work area to relax the coils and straighten the pipe before installation. This sometimes leaves poly pipe exposed to construction equipment or traffic, and can become a tripping hazard to workers. Uncoiled pipe can be kinked, crushed, or contaminated while laying exposed. With the Pipetruck™, uncoiling pipe in advance with the assistance of a helper is no longer necessary because pipe unrolls by itself — when needed, as needed at the point of installation!

Built of powder-coated steel, the Pipetruck™ weighs only 50 pounds, and collapses to the size of a standard hand truck. Rugged and sturdy, it features a truck hitch mount that uses your trailer hitch for easy transport, and a heavy duty chain hook for towing behind your tractor or vibratory plow (see Special Features page for more details).

Pipetruck™ is proudly invented and designed in the USA by Factor Products Limited, a family-owned business. To see more videos of it in action, click here. To learn more, click here or call us at (888) 822-8119!

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